Gas Insulated Switchgenar / Conductor
Pressure Vessel / SF6 Housing -1
Pressure Vessel / SF6 Housing -2
Pressure Vessel/SF6 Housing - 3
Metal shrinkage high
Mp low, coagulates quickly, but the coagulationsector is big
Activeness is high; Easy to form the oxide film and each kindof oxide compound
When liquid state; Easy to absorb the hydrogen, forms theblowhole and the shrink hole
The raw material spindle ingredient symbol, the impurity, theoxide compound content are not high
Fuses the equipment
the environment is not good

causes thepollution Forms the different phase state crystal The system regulation control is not rigorous, is unable toconform to the aluminum alloy casting requirement The casting plan design is not good Because has not overcome the above all sorts of factors, butcreates the aluminum alloy casting organization hole, the contraction,the Mixture mixes with causes the mechanical strength to beinsufficient, also characteristic of the aluminum alloy ductility alsois unable to display.
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